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Fun Game

Great work. I have one suggestion. Please add Game Center Achievements. Thanks.


This game is really cute and it's a fun way to pass time. I was surprised by the sheer variety of demons from Japanese mythology...in a word, Awesome!!!!

Absolutely AMAZING.

I absolutely LOVE this app. It's so fast paced and fun. You play as the adorable samurai Wan and Nyan, and you slice up evil demons like a hot knife through butter! The game is so fun to play I nearly feel enlightened after I play it. If you like mind-blowingly fun games, there is no contest, this is for you. 🐶🐱 🆚 👹👹🍆

Great game!

An addicting game and love the graphics :)

Just needs more.

The game is pretty cool and a neat concept. The only problem is that it needs more. More monsters, more outfits, more anything to increase the longetivity of it. Pretty much to the developers, keep updating and I 'll keep playing.


Great stuff! Highly addicting game. Can't wait to play enough to unlock everything in the game

Fun game, but needs some work.

This is such a fun addicting game! There are a few bugs that need to be fixed. Whenever you do repeated attacks, sometimes either Wan or Nyan will not be able to attack, which freezes the game and makes you lose. Also, some of the enemies will start rotating and start to slowly fly off the screen.

To cute

Love it.Great soundtrack, Cute main characters, monsters from real Japanese legends( most of them), No IAP (in app purchases), the costume feature. Give the ur dollar. Ps. This can be played with a friend.

Excellent game

Great gameplay with very cute art and great music. Highly recommend.

So many crashes

Crashed about 5 times when trying to open the app. Then when the app opened I pressed start and then it crashed again.

Best cat slashing sim ever

Cat samurais cuttin' through fools like Swiss cheese, feels good man, A+ would play again

Love It!

Loved Block Legend, been following DotWarrior for awhile, the 8-Bit excitement continues! Gameplay takes getting used to at first, but once you get the hang of it it's addictive. Also awesome music. Totally worth the 99 cents.

Fun game

A really fun game with a nice art style, fun music, unique game play mechanics, and a fun take on Japanese superstition.

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